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A Revolutionary Dish Towel Glove

Grab&Dry® is a pair of five–finger gloves especially designed for drying dishes, particularly fine and delicate china and crystal. It is also great for drying or polishing other household and kitchen items. A dishwasher usually leaves some of the dishes partially or fully wet by the end of each cycle. Wearing Grab&Dry®, you can do the last touch of drying while emptying the dishwasher with total security, leaving no marks or fingerprints. In addition, Grab&Dry® is just perfect for car detailing.

Grab&Dry®’s outer layer is made of a uniquely super absorbent terrycloth and can dry up to 100 items in one session, while the silky soft polyester lining is especially treated to be water–resistant so your hands stay dry. Unlike rubber, polyester generally does not cause allergic reactions. Grab&Dry®’s fitted design stretches to accommodate most hands ensuring a good fit. Grab&Dry® has reversible thumbs, so each glove can go on the right or the left hand. You can simply flip them over and use both the back and the palm surfaces of each glove.

Regular kitchen towels tend to twist, slip, and wrap around objects, making the job of drying, detailing, or polishing cumbersome. There is also a big risk of dropping and damaging the object. Grab&Dry® is an ingeniously designed pair of super absorbent five–finger gloves that allow you to securely dry fragile dishes quickly without dropping them. With Grab&Dry® both hands are covered, so handling is easier and no fingerprints are left on glasses and dishes. In addition, it is much safer to dry sharp items as well as broken and chipped china and glasses. Grab&Dry®’s patented design and very absorbent material get the job done faster by eliminating the need for changing towels mid–way, and by allowing a secure grip on objects.

Protected by U.S. Patent Nos. 7,328,523 and 7,895,768
Additional U.S. and International
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